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Meet Kristin

you may be thinking, "who is this crazy girl?"
i'm kristin... and i'm delighted to be a dowling.
i'm a twenty-something culinary arts student,
wife, & mommy-to-be.
i love all things pink, sparkly, & hello kitty.
my favorite food is ice cream.
{i may lie & tell you my favorite food is something fancy, but it's not...
ice cream is my #1.}
i like all kinds of music -
my current favorite station on pandora is pixies radio.
i lie & tell everyone that summer is my favorite season, but it's not.
i love the spring... when everything begins to bloom {& my allergies are crazy!}
& things start to come alive after winter.
i enjoy diy projects, coloring, painting, reading, & game nights with my besties.
i really love having people over for dinner; if i had the energy, i'd do it every night.
{that's what she said. ;)}

this is my hubs, andrew.
he has a lot of nicknames, so just go with it.
he's pretty much the best hubs in the entire universe.
we got married in 2009, but have been together since 2004.
my mom says the reason we work is because, ahem,
"she's high-maintenance, & he's high-tolerance."
{i don't know what on earth she's talking about. ;)}
we mostly like to hang out at home & watch netflix.
during the summer, we love baseball games!
& in the fall, we like going to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard,
& celebrating dia de los muertos.
i'd say we're pretty easy going & have so far absolutely lived happily ever after.

cupcake is the nickname i've lovingly given baby dowling.
hubs & i are expecting our first little bundle of joy june 2012.
i don't think we could be any more ecstatic!
we're so excited that our little family is growing.
& not to toot our own horns,
but i'm pretty sure we're going to be awesome parents. :)

in addition to cupcake,
we have some other babies! furry babies!
we have a sweet shih tzu named muffin,
a lovable, snorty pug named baby,
& a cat who loves to hide named reese's pieces.

now that you know a little about me & my family,
i hope that you've decided to stick around & check out my blog!
it's full of recipes & good stuff. :)
thanks for visiting!