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Sunday, December 9, 2012

mangia mondays 92: christmas cookies

howdy, folks!
welcome to
a blog hop i co-host
with the sweet-as-sugar-cookies
lisa from shine your light!

this week i'm sharing my
christmas cookies

for cookies:
1 1/3 C shortening
1 1/2 C sugar
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 TBS + 2 tsp milk
4 C all-purpose flour
1 TBS baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

1. using the paddle attachment of an electric mixer, cream together the shortening, sugar, lemon zest & vanilla.

2. add the eggs and milk to the sugar & mix well.

3. sift together the flour, baking powder & salt. add to the liquid ingredients & mix just to combine.

4. divide the dough in half, wrap & chill for 1 hour.

5. preheat oven to 375 f.

6. roll out to 1/4" thickness on a well-floured surface. use cookie cutters to cut the desired shapes. place on parchment lined sheet pans & bake 6-8 minutes. remove from sheet & cool on a wire rack.

for royal icing:
2 lbs. powdered sugar
1.5 oz. meringue powder
8 oz. cool water

1. use an electric mixer with a whip attachment to mix ingredients until shiny, thick & fluffy. store covered when not in use as it will dry out almost immediately.

helpful decorating tips:
- i used #1 & #2 tips from wilton... even the 2's were a little large!
- have things handy: a damp paper towel, toothpicks, a place to set your decorated cookies, etc.
- have fun & go nuts! :D

first, this is my grandma's sugar cookie recipe.
it rocks.
i love decorating cookies
& can't wait to do it again when my mom gets here in a week!
i think i'll go for more traditional colors next time.
santa will appreciate it. ;)

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until next time,
dowlings out!


  1. Hi Kristin,
    I love the pastel colors of your cookies... they are so sweet looking. Thank you for the party.

  2. Thanks for hosting! :) Posted my White Chocolate Peanut Butter 7 Layer bars!

  3. Those cookies look fantastic! I wish I was as talented and as patient as you to get them looking so perfect! I just love the color choices!!!!! Thanks for hosting, I'm having a Meatless Monday hop this week and would love it if you shared these cute cookies there: Thanks so much!

  4. Well I HAVE to follow you because I'm a Dowling too!! : ) Also, these are THE CUTEST sugar cookies I have ever seen in my life. That is no joke, these are amazing. You are making me want to bake and I am terrible (TERRIBLE) in the kitchen. ; )