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Sunday, August 19, 2012

mangia mondays 76: maple bacon cupcakes - picture re-do!

hiya, friends!
welcome to
a blog hop i co-host each week with
lisa from shine your light!

i've recently started putting together
a cookbook for my family through shutterfly.
it's been so much fun... but i did notice one thing:
the pictures i took when i first started my blog are
sooo... that being said,
i've started re-doing recipes & pictures!

today's flashback is

click here for the recipe

those "before" pictures are hideous!
the yellow lighting...
the new ones are much better!
i hope you enjoy them!

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until next time,
dowlings out!


  1. Thanks for the party! What a great idea putting together a cookbook! I may have to borrow that one! Great for xmas! I'm so glad other's have some old bad photos! My first few blog pictures were terrible! I still have a lot to learn, but I did lear not to use the overhead kitchen light!

  2. Thanks for hosting each week. Love the new photos. It's the same for most of us, those photos we took at the beginning but we learn along the way! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks for hosting Kristen. I know what you mean about some of the early blog photos being terrible. I look back at some of ours from a few years ago and I cringe. I like the new ones you took!

    I'm sharing Cinnamon Citrus Braised Lamb Shanks, Phenomenal 5 Minute 2 Ingredient Shrimp Recipe & Marinade, and 10 Five Minute Whole Food Lunches You Need To Make.

    Have a great day!

  4. I loved your photos then and I love em now! Man look at all that bacon!! Thanks for hosting this week :)

  5. Love your updated photos of these cupcakes! They look fantastic! Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

  6. I wish you would be would beat all of them!! Maple and bacon along with beer is my favorite combination