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Sunday, July 1, 2012

mangia mondays 69: cookbook fever

howdy, friends!
welcome to
a foodie blog hop that i'm so happy to co-host each week
with the lovely
lisa from shine your light.

as a brand new mommy,
cooking has become some what of a challenge.
finding the time to actually make a home-cooked meal
seems near impossible!
i know that will change, 
but for now... yeesh.
that's why i'm SO glad that i planned ahead!

back in march,
i made 40+ freezer-friendly meals.
thank goodness!

i have to tell you -
these 3 cookbooks are amazing resources!
they're chock-full of freezer friendly meals
& ways to help you plan & organize ahead of time.

i would recommend any of these cookbooks to ANYONE!
they're great to have & contain so many recipes that
i still can't wait to try!
plus, who doesn't like having dinner ready to go?
not having to worry about what's for dinner is an
amazing feeling! :D

ALSO - if you didn't see:
i'm looking to see if anyone is interested in
guest posting/hosting mangia mondays!
i need some time to relax with my new itty bitty
& would love it if you would help run
mangia mondays for a bit! :D

if you're interested,
please email me at:
delightfully dowling @ gmail . com
{minus all those spaces, of course!}.

so, now it's your turn -
link up those recipes & food posts!

how mangia mondays work:
. add a link to your recipe or food post & visit some others who have linked up before you .
. link back to mangia mondays anywhere on your blog .
. thanks for not linking up to giveaways or items you're selling .
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until next time,
dowlings out!


  1. Congratulations on your new baby!!! I'm glad I'm able to join your party this week. Thanks for hosting!

  2. I can't believe how fast time went by! Congratulation on the new baby!
    Thank you so much for the party! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Happy Independence Day!

    Check out my latest recipe & become a follower of