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Thursday, May 24, 2012

baby bump: week 35

how far along?
35 weeks. we're so close!

baby size: 
last week, we found out that charlotte is
a chubster coming in at 6.5 pounds!
holy guacamole.

total weight gain:
33 pounds.
talk about chubster!
this baby needs to come out soon!

maternity clothes? 
living in pj's, maxi dresses, & flowy tops.
the ONE good thing about bedrest?
i don't have to get dressed!
yay jammies!

stretch marks?
not yet.

i've actually been sleeping pretty well.
i get up once to use the restroom,
but have been sleeping pretty soundly otherwise. :)

best moment this week:
getting to see my mommy.
she flew out for the shower
{which i couldn't end up having... darn you bedrest!! :'( }
last friday & left on monday.
it was so wonderful to see her & show her the nursery.
also, charlotte put on a really good show for her at our ultrasound.
it was awesome. :D

miss anything?
being able to DO things.
it's really easy to be lazy when someone isn't telling
you that you have to.
i also miss being able to see my feet,
wearing shoes other than flip-flops,
being able to get comfortable...
you know, the things "normal" people take for granted. :P

she moves all the time.
we've all decided that she's having dance parties.
it's so funny when my tummy is off-center & you
can obviously see where her little tush is.
i just can't wait to see her! 

food cravings:
thanksgiving dinner.
for realsies.
and also, pork belly buns from the japanese restaurant down the street.
annnnndddd ice cream.

anything making you queasy or sick:

sweet little girl

labor signs:
i've had a few sporadic braxton hicks contractions,
but that's it.

my back hurts all the time,
my feet are swollen
{it's even hard to get my flip-flops on sometimes!},
you know, the norm.
when i was at the doctor last week,
she said that my cervix was thinning...
so that's something!

belly button in or out?
it pops out when i laugh...
which makes me laugh even more!

wedding rings on or off?
off... :(
that makes me really sad.
i blame it on the warm weather.
{NOT the 33 pounds. ;) }

happy & really anxious.
i'm so ready to have this little baby...
but nervous at the same time. eek! 

looking forward to:
not being on bedrest! :D

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  1. You look fantastic! I hate you're on bedrest :( I've been there before - but it will be over before you know it & you'll be holding your beautiful baby in your arms! <3