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Friday, May 4, 2012

baby bump: week 32

how far along:
32 weeks - but i really feel like i'm 33.
they went back & forth with my due date a lot
when we first found out i was pregnant.
either way, we're SO close!

baby size:
she's about the size of a pineapple!
5 pounds & 17 inches.

total weight gain/loss:
22 pounds.

maternity clothes?
 since i now only have to get dressed if i decide to go somewhere,
i've been living in pj's... & i LOVE it!
otherwise, same old maternity jeans, dresses, & flowy tops.

stretch marks?
not yet.

i fall asleep on my left side & stay that way until i
can't take it anymore. it gets to be painful, but rolling over is
quite uncomfortable, too.
thank goodness school is done, because i'm giving up on
this whole "sleep" thing.

best moment this week:
i got to see her taking "practice breaths" today.
last week, we saw that she has quite a bit of hair
& (ready for this) fat rolls!
she's so cute.

miss anything? 
just the norms...
coffee, tuna, margaritas.
and getting a good night's sleep...
that won't happen again for awhile.

i love her little hiccups
& watching her drag a foot or hand from one
side of my tummy to the other.

food cravings:
milk, cereal, doughnuts, watermelon,
pineapple, granny smith apples, pizza...
ummm... food? hahaha!

anything making you queasy/sick:

have you started to show yet:
yes indeed!

baby girl!

labor signs:

belly button in or out?
still an innie.
i had a really deep belly button to begin with.
it's weird to see it shrink like this!

wedding rings on or off?
i can't get my wedding band on, so i've just
been sporting my engagement ring.

happy all the time!
i don't really have anything to be upset about!

looking forward to:
seeing my mom & my baby shower in a couple of weeks.


  1. Congratulations!!!! That's so cute!!!! Wishing all the best in time of preparing for your little babygirl!