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Friday, April 13, 2012

baby bump: week 29

how far along:
29 weeks! i can't believe that we could have a little baby here in only 8 weeks!

baby size:
the size of a butternut squash;
about 2 1/2 pounds
and a smidge over 15 inches long.

total weight gain/loss:
20 pounds...
i feel like a whale with legs!

maternity clothes?
 just my jeans... which, i'm sad to say,
i have grown out of one pair! :(
i LOVE that it's warming up & i can just wear dresses.

stretch marks?
not yet.

sleeping is good...
i get up around 3 every morning to use the bathroom,
but other than that i'm not having trouble!

best moment this week:
when my sweet hubs saw his baby girl move from the outside.
that was exciting!
annnd... finding my glider!
it's been a huge struggle...
it seems like everything i've wanted for the nursery is being 
discontinued or it's on back-order for forever or something!
i'm happy to report that the only things we still need for our nursery are:
1. curtains
2. frames

miss anything? 
tuna salad.
and coffee.
oh, coffee, how i love thee.

she's so active!
feeling her kick & shift positions
& hiccup is just about the most amazing thing ever.

food cravings:
which is probably why i'm the size of a house.

anything making you queasy/sick:
well... that orange drink for my glucose test made me feel really nauseous.

have you started to show yet:
for suresies.

she's a sweet little girl.

labor signs:

belly button in or out?
still hangin' in there...
but it looks so weird & is so shallow!

wedding rings on or off?

happy pretty much all the time...

looking forward to:
my shower {which is in a little over a month}
& seeing my mommie!
...i haven't seen her since christmas...
she might not recognize me at the rate i'm growing!

1 comment:

  1. Oh you look so wonderful Kristin!! She is going to be here before you know it!! Enjoy this special time......