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Thursday, March 29, 2012

baby bump: week 27

how far along: 27 weeks... whoa!
the time is just zipping by!

baby size: the size of a head of cauliflower.
last friday, she weighed in at 2 pounds, so she's
probably a little over 2 pounds this week &
about 14.5 inches long. :)

total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds total.
thank goodness it's starting to warm up -
the hubs & i can take the pups on walks to the park.

maternity clothes? the only "maternity" clothes i've
gotten are my gap jeans. still love them.
however, i did just get a few new dresses & tops
that are cool & flowy & perfect for the warm weather!

stretch marks? not yet.

sleep: sleeping has been better.
i seem to stay in one position longer than i used to,
but i've been having icky acid reflux.

best moment this week: seeing her little face on friday.
it was the most amazing thing!
she's just so beautiful already...
her daddy & i can't wait to meet her & kiss that face!

miss anything? margaritas.
we went to an awesome new taco place over the weekend
& they had ahhhhhh-mazing looking margaritas. 

movement: all the time.
she LOVES music & anytime there's music playing,
she wriggles around.
i love when i can feel her roll or turn -
it's like a roller coaster!

food cravings: not really.
i just love food.

anything making you queasy/sick: nope!

have you started to show yet: absolutely.

gender: little lady.

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? innie

wedding rings on or off? on

mood? happy & exhausted.

looking forward to: meeting baby!
...and dressing her up. hahaha!

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