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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

baby bump: week 25

how far along: 25 weeks. i can't believe i only have a few short
months until i get to meet this feisty baby!

baby size: 13 1/2 inches long & a little over a pound...
about the size of a rutabaga.
{which i had to google because i've never ever
seen a rutabaga before!}

total weight gain/loss: like, 9-10 pounds.
i need to hit the gym.

maternity clothes? i desperately need to go shopping.
my pre-maternity shirts are starting to fit weird...

stretch marks? not yet.

sleep: i've been sleeping just fine! getting comfortable,
however, is a whole different story!

best moment this week: getting the nursery all painted
& the crib assembled!
i can't wait to share pictures! :D

miss anything? sleeping on my tummy, margaritas,
tuna salad...

movement: she's definitely a wiggle worm.

food cravings: uhhhh... ice cream.
but, i just bought some fruit popsicles with
waaaay fewer calories & are loaded with antioxidants.

anything making you queasy/sick: nope!

have you started to show yet: i would say so!!

gender: she's a little lady! 

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? innie still

wedding rings on or off? on

mood? super happy.

looking forward to: getting our new living room furniture so
our house can {kind of} go back to normal!
buying the mattress for charlotte's room &
putting the finishing touches on her nursery!

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  1. I love the reference to the subway sub, lol. Time sure is going by fast and it's such a treat for you to keep us posted in such a cute way...thanks!