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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

baby bump: week 22

how far along: 22 weeks... oh man! it's going by so fast!

baby size: at our ultrasound yesterday,
the tech said our little girl is 10.3 inches long
& an itty-bitty 14 ounces!
she's in the 32nd percentile.

total weight gain/loss: up 3 pounds! gosh...

maternity clothes? still in love with my gap maternity jeans.
... & i'm dying to get some new "spring-y" clothes!
i just know that dresses will be my best friend.

stretch marks? not yet. let's hope it stays this way!! :D

sleep: i've been having some pretty bad back pain,
but it's not constant. it seems to happen every few nights.
i just don't know what to do!

best moment this week: getting to see my tiny girl yesterday
via ultrasound. we just love her so much already!
& seeing all of the cute little things my mommie has been buying
for her first grand baby!
pluuuuussss... i got a SUPER SWEET diaper bag from my mom:

miss anything? sleeping on my tummy!

movement: i'm convinced she's a ninja or some sort of karate master!
she kicks all over the place & i absolutely love it!

food cravings: sourdough toast. m'mm!

anything making you queasy/sick: not really! thank goodness!!

have you started to show yet: for suresies! this baby is here to stay!
{ for a few more months, at least ;) }

gender: she's a sweet little girl. 

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? innie!

wedding rings on or off? on

mood? overall, really happy.
i've had a couple of mini-meltdowns this past week,
but nothing too terrible. :)

looking forward to: getting our new carpet installed!
we decided on new carpet once we found out i was pregnant,
and it should be installed withing the next couple of weeks! yay!!


  1. You are a beautiful mama! How exciting that you got to see your little pumpkin at the ultrasound appointment. There's not much that can top that experience in life, that's for sure!

  2. You are the cutest Kristin! You look like you're glowing! Um love your hair, love your makeup, and love your fonts on the chalkboard! Oh and I'd so wear that diaper bag as a purse! Stylin :)