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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

baby bump: week 21

how far along: 21 weeks!

baby size: the length of a carrot! she's 12 oz, & about 10 1/2 inches long.

total weight gain/loss: up 1.5 pounds, maybe 2.

maternity clothes? i've been living in my maternity jeans, & gap (non-maternity) leggings.
if i could, i would wear pj's all day long. :)

stretch marks? not yet. i've been sure to put lotion on!

sleep: i've been sleeping really well the last week & a half!
i've been really congested, though,
{apparently, a common symptom when you're pregnant!}
& this humidifier by vicks has been extremely helpful!
you can buy it via amazon by clicking here!

best moment this week: on sunday morning, we finally felt our little
charlotte kick from the outside! it was such an exciting moment for hubs!
i've been feeling her wiggle for a few weeks, but those kicks sure are somethin!

miss anything? i really miss my caffeine. while i'm feeling great & have more
energy than i did a few weeks ago, coffee definitely acted as a pick-me-up.
ahh... coffee! how i miss you grande coffee with a quad shot & room!

movement: tons! she's already so active!! i can't wait to feel her even more!
she especially loves hearing her daddy's voice. she gets so excited & wiggles
all over the place when he reads to her at night. i love it!

food cravings: peanut butter crunch. oh man.
i've literally gone through 2 boxes in a week & a half.
don't judge! :)

anything making you queasy/sick: i've been pretty sensitive to smells this past week.
it hasn't been too bad, but i'll get a wicked headache or my tummy will get a little upset.

have you started to show yet: definitely.

gender: little charlotte is my tiny princess!

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? innie still, but i can tell it's only a matter of time
before it's flush with my tummy & then popped out!!

wedding rings on or off? on

mood? wonderful! i've been feeling great this week!! :D

looking forward to: picking out molding & paint for charli's nursery!
i'm so excited to decorate!!

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