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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

baby bump: week 20

how far along: 20 weeks

baby size: a banana! 10 1/2 ounces & 6" top to bottom, 10" head to heel!

total weight gain / loss: +1.5 lbs.

maternity clothes: still just my maternity jeans! lots of dresses,
flowy tops, sweaters, & longer t-shirts!

stretch marks: not yet.

sleep: sleeping has been better, but every so often i get terrible back pain
& can't get comfortable for hours. {thus my lovely, sleep-deprived picture!}

best moment this week: finding out that we're having a baby girl!
i'm so so so so so so so excited!
& buying baby her first outfits!

miss anything? not really! :)

movement: lots of little wiggles and a couple of swift kicks to my hip area!

food cravings: root beer, pickles, anything spicy...

have you started to show yet? definitely. egads!

gender: girl! we can't wait to meet you little charlotte olivia!

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? in, but i can tell it's getting shallow-er!

wedding rings on or off? on

happy or moody most of the time: happy! 

looking forward to: getting started on charlotte's nursery! i can't wait!!!

until next time,
dowlings out!

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