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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

baby bump: week 18

how far along: 18 weeks

baby size: a bell pepper! 5 1/2 inches long & about 7 ounces

total weight gain / loss: 0; i'm losing it while baby is gaining it!

maternity clothes: still love my gap maternity jeans & pre-pregnancy tops...
but i can't wait for spring! dresses & sandals are going to be my best friends!

stretch marks: not yet.

sleep: still having a really hard time getting comfortable. :(

best moment this week: when hubs gave me a much needed foot massage.
he's pretty much the best in the entire universe.

miss anything? diet coke. but i'm better for not having it! go kristin!

movement: i've only felt cupcake once this week; not as much as last.
i still can't wait for hubs to be able to feel baby from the outside!

food cravings: grilled cheese... but a fancy one.
a thick artisan bread with smoky mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes & prosciutto.
i've been dreaming about this grilled cheese for a week!
luckily, i'm making fresh mozzarella in my culinary lab this week.

have you started to show yet? my bestie said i had some serious baby bump action 
going on, but i still just feel a little pudgy. mama needs to pop more!

gender: still waiting to find out on 2/3 {hopefully}!
also, still feeling like it's a boy!

labor signs: no

belly button in or out? i'm still an innie!

wedding rings on or off? on

happy or moody most of the time: happy, for suresies.
i did have a mini-meltdown at lunch the other day when
i started thinking about things i may miss when i'm not with the baby.
ugh. mommy guilt already!

looking forward to: seeing my little cupcake on the 3rd! it's been too long!

until next time,
dowlings out!


  1. Girl you are the CUTEST!!! You look great! I'm liking these new pregnancy posts. And I see your elephants :) Yay for elephants!!!

  2. thanks, des!! :) i have about 5 billion more elephants scattered around the house. ;)