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Monday, January 31, 2011


so, while my mama is visiting,
i'll be on a bit of a hiatus!
i just want to spend every moment possible with her!

i'll be back on february 2nd!

happy month-iversary, sweet followers!
january was great...
but february will be even better!

just so you know,
i'm being featured on
so, head on over and check it out:

when i get back on the 2nd, i'll be passing along the stylish blogger award, so be on the look out! and if you have a blog you think i may like, send the link my way!

dowlings, out!

oh, hey!
want to help a sister out?!
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Sunday, January 30, 2011


my mommie is here!
she's from texas...
she got me the awesome waffle maker
seen here.

you're probably wondering...
"what is that amazing thing she's wearing!?"

...they're footie jammies.
i love her.

she says, "in case people want to know, i have puppies on my feet! they have little pink tongues! look at how cute!"

oh gosh, that mommie of mine!

dowlings, out!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

valentine cake

a few days ago, i saw the most incredible cake...
and knew i needed to replicate it.

i'm not going to post the recipe here,
but you can definitely check out
for all of the details.

i'm very proud of myself!
though, i must admit...
i've been putting this cake together for the past 6 hours or so.
i love the way it turned out,
but i don't think this is an every week sort of recipe.

i think it was worth all of the trouble,
don't you?
this would be an exceptional cake for your someone special!

also, i have some exciting news!
sweet desi from
has passed along the
stylish blogger award.

thank you so much, desi, for your kind words & support!

i'll be passing the award soon, so be on the lookout!
but, for now, i am exhausted!

dowlings, (caked) out!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

soups, galore!

i had to come up with a soup recipe for my culinary lab class.
i made 3 different soups before deciding which to submit.
here they are!!

tuscan soup

6 c chicken broth
1 onion, chopped
3 links spicy italian sausage
*i used turkey
3 lg potatoes, cubed
1 bunch fresh spinach, washed & chopped
1/4 c evaporated milk
salt & pepper to taste
red pepper flakes

1. remove sausage from casings and crumble into large pot. add onion & cook over medium heat until meat is no longer pink.

2. add broth & potatoes. boil until potatoes are cooked.

3. add spinach. cook just a couple minutes.

4. remove soup from heat. stir in evaporated milk, and season to taste.

tomato basil soup

1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 (28 oz) cans crushed tomatoes
1 3/4 c chicken broth
18 fresh basil leaves, minced + some for garnish
1 tsp sugar
1 c heavy cream
1/4 c butter
salt & pepper

1. in a large pot, saute garlic in olive oil until fragrant, about 30 seconds. add tomatoes & broth & bring to a boil. reduce heat; cover & simmer for 10 minutes. add basil & sugar. reduce heat to low; stir in cream & butter. cook until butter is melted. add salt & pepper to taste.

butternut squash soup

1 onion, roughly chopped
1/4 c celery chopped
2 Tbs butter
2 Tbs all purpose flour
1/2 tsp dill weed
1/4 tsp curry powder
dash cayenne pepper
2 c chicken broth
12 oz. evaporated milk
3 c mashed, cooked butternut squash
salt & pepper to taste
bacon, crumbled for garnish

1. in a large pot, saute onion & celery in butter. stir in flour, dill, curry & cayenne until blended. gradually add broth & milk. bring to a boil; cook & stir for 2 minutes. add the squash, salt & pepper; heat through.

2. in a blender, process the soup in batches until smooth. pour into bowls; garnish with bacon.

if i were to rank them, the tomato basil would have to be my absolute favorite. it was so easy to assemble, ready in no time, and delicious! would be great with a grilled cheese sandwich!

we're going with the tomato basil!

happy weekend, friends!


dowlings, out!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

braised balsamic chicken with white wine & mushrooms

i was quite productive today!
i cleaned the entire house, top to bottom.
i even did all of the laundry
(folded & put away... everything!).
i even steam cleaned the carpets
& had time to whip up this simple & delicious meal.

braised balsamic chicken with white wine & mushrooms

4 chicken breasts
salt & pepper
red pepper flakes
balsamic vinegar
zest of 1 lemon
extra virgin olive oil
white wine to deglaze pan
1/4 c unsalted butter
10(ish) baby portabella mushrooms, cleaned & sliced
2 garlic cloves, minced

1. in a large skillet with a lid, heat oil over med-high.

2. poke holes in the chicken with the tines of a fork. season with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste. drizzle with balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with 1/2 the lemon zest. repeat on the other side.

3. add chicken to skillet and let sear 5 minutes, or until brown. flip and let sear on opposite side until brown as well. remove from pan and set aside.

4. add wine to deglaze pan. add butter to skillet & let melt.

5. add mushrooms & garlic to melted butter mixture. saute for 5-7 minutes. add chicken back to pan with a dash more wine to create steam. cover & cook 5-10 minutes or until internal temperature is 160 f.

served with the best asparagus ever.
recipe can be found here.

happy thursday!

dowlings, out!

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Finding Facebook Fans Weekend

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wee bit of me wednesday

i need help.
i have to come up with a great soup recipe for my lab next tuesday.
i want something *different*...
i was thinking a pureed soup of some kind,
(pumpkin, butternut squash... etc.)
but i don't make many soups.
do any of you have a delicious soup recipe you'd be willing to share?
let me know!

i'm linking up with leigh ashley for
wee bit of me wednesday!

{one} how tall are you?
5'7"... but i usually say 5'8". i'm not sure why...

{two} besides bills, what do you spend most of your money on?
groceries. tons of groceries. and target. going to target is a very bad thing for me. i go in needing one thing and come out with a full cart! how does this happen?

{three} what are your three favorite websites?
hm... etsy, the container store, and all recipes! seriously, they have recipes for everything!

{four} what brand of tennis shoes do you prefer?
i had the best pair of puma's a few years ago but ruined them when we went to disney world. browsing their website, though, i found these super cute kicks.

{five} what food can you absolutely not stand to eat?
brussel sprouts. ew.

{six} how many pairs of jeans do you own?
5 or so.

{seven} if you could have any job, what would it be?
a restaurateur. i want to open my own little place and make amazing food.

{eight} have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
nope, nope, nope! *knock on wood!*

{nine} how many pillows do you sleep with?
2... but sometimes, i throw one off the bed in the middle of the night.

{ten} on a scale of 1-5, how organized are you?
i could lie and say 4 or 5... but i'm totally at a 2.5, maybe 3 (on a good day!).


yup, already in my pj's again!
dowlings, out!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tuesday, tuesday, tuesday...

as usual, i just got home from school.
i have a culinary lab from 4pm-9pm...
which means i don't get my usual evening blog inspiration.

however, tonight was the first night we actually did something in the kitchen.
i got to dice an onion.
yes, yes... i know that this is probably the most exciting thing you have ever heard, but i'm going to have to ask that you restrain yourselves for just a few more moments.
i also tourne-d (is that a word?) a few potatoes...

**those are not my potatoes, but i wanted you to have a visual!**

which is apparently pretty advanced
& i wasn't supposed to go there yet.
(but i was with the onions!)

anywho, i know that you're dying to tourne some potatoes now, but let me give you a list of pros and cons:

you waste like, 50-75% of your potato
it takes FOREVER
what the heck do you use them for?

it looks pretty?
(i have a question mark there because, well, is it really pretty? i don't need a 7-sided, football shaped, 2" long potato to make me happy! though, since it is football shaped and since the superbowl is coming up, i suppose they would make absolutely lovely hors d'oeuvres. "touchdown! tourne potato, anyone!?")

i digress...
what i really want to post about this evening are my (early) birthday gifts from my mama!

that's right, folks!
a le cruset 7.25 qt. round french oven
& a le cruset demi 1.25 qt. teakettle

isn't she beautiful?!?
you can buy one just like it here.
can you believe that i did not have a teakettle until now?
& i needed one because of this tea:
it doesn't even taste like tea.
i add milk and sugar to mine.
it's perfection!
and now that i have a teakettle, i can make it all the time!

this french oven...
words cannot even describe!
i didn't have one
& i needed one to make some of my favorite dishes:
osso buco
boeuf bourguignon
and a delicious slow braised lamb i made for my mother in laws birthday last year.
*to die for*
you can get this gorgeous french oven of my dreams (and now reality!) here.

i am blessed to have a loving and supportive family.
between these birthday gifts from my mama & the gorgeous new set of pans i got from my mother in law, my kitchen is stocked!
i'm glad that everyone in my family is as excited about this career choice as i am.

anywho, i'm off to scarf some dinner!

yup, already in my jammies!
& i couldn't even wait to be done with blogging before chowin' down!

dowlings, out!

Monday, January 24, 2011

waffles {of insane greatness}

a double dose of delightfully dowling?
it's your lucky night!

one of the questions from my blog hoppin' monday post was:
waffles or pancakes?
that put me in the mood for
{breakfast for dinner}

after reading snowhite's post about
i knew those were the ones i wanted to try!

here we go!

waffles of insane greatness

3/4 c all purpose flour
1/4 c corn starch
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 c milk
1/2 c sour cream
1/4 c vegetable oil
1 egg
3/4 tsp vanilla extract
zest of 1 lemon

1. sift together dry ingredients.

2. in a separate bowl, mix milk, sour cream, oil, egg, vanilla and lemon zest.

3. combine wet & dry ingredients, mixing until just slightly lumpy.
*do not over mix! we want light & fluffy waffles!

4. allow mixture to sit for 30 minutes.
*i was very impatient... i let it sit for 5 minutes.

5. pour batter into wafflemaker & cook according to directions.

6. serve warm.

the vanilla extract and lemon zest are so light and refreshing.
these waffles are perfection.
if you're looking for a perfect weekend breakfast menu,
these waffles with the baked sausage & gruyere omelet would be scrumptious.

have a great evening!
until next time,

dowlings, out!

i'm linking up with 33 shades of green's

blog hoppin' monday!

well, howdy!
i'm linking up with a few wonderful blogs today.
hopefully, you'll enjoy your visit to my blog & become a follower!

i'm linking up with never growing old for meet me on monday.

1. what is your favorite kind of fudge?
is it weird that i remember only ever eating fudge while on vacation with my mom? i don't know why this is... but we always find a candy store, buy fudge & other goodies, and go back to our hotel room to indulge! i remember really enjoying mint chocolate. yum!

2. is there snow outside your window?
sadly, no. i only like winter because of the possibility of snow.
i'm ready for spring. :)

3. what is your favorite meal of the day?
i love cooking dinner for me & the hubs.
who am i kidding? i love cooking dinner for anyone who will come over to enjoy the food & company!

4. do you text on your cell phone?
absolutely. i actually prefer sending a text message over making a call.
i hate talking on the phone.

5. waffles or pancakes?
waffles. texas waffles, to be exact!
a couple of years ago, my mama bought me a texas shaped waffle maker. i swear, there's a difference in taste between texas waffles and regular waffles.
...i think we'll have breakfast for dinner tonight!

i'm also linking up with be one fine day for follow me monday.


annd... i'm linking up for the makin' me crazy blog hop.

make sure you guys check them out & link up!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday, sunday, sunday!

i love my hubs.
he didn't care that i stayed in my jammies all day.
he didn't care that i made him watch not one but two chick flicks today.
he didn't care that he had to sit through two hours of my guilty pleasure addiction, jerseylicious.
he's pretty wonderful.

i got so excited to revamp my blog last night.
i did not think it would take me a gazillion hours!
but, i think it was worth it!

a wonderfully talented & very creative lady made me this *perfect* logo
isn't is just... delightful?
please, check out her amazing photography here.

i really like making these layouts.
make sure you guys "like" the new delightfully dowling page on facebook, where i'll be posting all of my blog updates.
also, if you feel so inclined,
grab the button on the right and let everyone know how much you love delightfully dowling on your own blog!

i just got done writing a paper for my management class.
is it bad that the week hasn't even started yet and i'm already ready for it to be over?

good news for next weekend?
my mama is coming to town!
and she's bringing me a much needed larger dining table.
and a hutch.
and a bunch of stuff from when i was little.
good thing i cleaned out that closet!

until tomorrow, friends!

change of scenery - the peninsula!
...more commonly known as the bed.
eek! for no makeup & the same shirt as yesterday!

dowlings, represent!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

french onion soup

i don't think it's normal for a person to love french onion soup as much as i do.
we went to costco and bought a boatload of onions today so i could gobble up some soup so i could practice my knife skills...

not only is this soup absolutely, 100% simple and quick to put together, but it's delicious & would be great as either an appetizer or entrée.

french onion soup

1/4 c butter
1 tsp sugar
3 onions, thinly sliced
1 Tbs all purpose flour
1/2 c white wine
32 oz. beef stock
1 sm. loaf sourdough bread, cut into 1" cubes
sliced swiss cheese

1. in a large pot, melt butter. stir in sugar until combined. add onions and cook over medium heat 10 minutes, or until golden brown.

2. stir in the flour until blended with onions and juice from the pan. add wine and beef stock; heat to boiling. cover the pot and reduce heat to low. simmer 10 minutes.

3. spread the bread cubes in an even layer on a sheet pan. toast at 325 f for 10 minutes or until lightly toasted.

4. ladle soup into oven-safe bowls. top with toasted bread and slices of cheese. place soup bowls on a sheet pan for easier handling.

5. bake at 425 f for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

well, the hubs and i are going to watch

if you haven't seen the movies,
they are excellent.
and the hubs loved the books.

dowlings, holla!

Friday, January 21, 2011

friday etsy finds

well, friends... i'm blogging early today!
i'm doing another edition of friday etsy finds.
do you like these?
should i keep them coming?
what else would you like to see from my little blog?

now, to the good stuff!
this weeks theme?

1/2 gallon blue mason jars
how great would these be on your dining table with lots of white flowers?
*sigh* gorgeous.

button up cowl
i just want to put this on right this minute!
so soft, warm, and versatile.

china cabinet
in a dream world, all of my furniture would look like this.
*sigh* she's beautiful.
found here

rose stud earrings
aren't these studs darling?
found @ hushbug

'50s eyelet dress
i see this dress with tights and cowboy boots.
so cute.

aqua nest
this bowl is ah-mazing.
found here

turquoise gemstone necklace
growing up in the southwest, i've seen my fair share of turquoise jewelry.
i love this piece.
found @ jw style

this teapot is darling.
found @ timbers toys

organza flower bobby pins
i love hair accessories.
these are no exception.
found @ miss glory

fleur filigree ring
can i just tell you that i fell head over heels in love with this ring the second i saw it?
well, i did. and i will be drooling over it until the minute someone scoops it up!
found @ love, mia

cuisine sign
i've had my eye on this gem for the past few months...
and no one has bought it!
i think it's a sign that it should belong to me. :)

i'd be happy receiving any of those things.
can i just tell you how much i love etsy?
i get lost in the pages for hours.

do you have a shop you think i might like?
let me know!

have a super friday!
dowlings, out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

sausage & peppers

i cook a lot of italian food.
have you noticed?

tonight was a "throw it together" kind of night.
we usually keep all of our protein in the freezer
and whatever we remember to thaw in the morning
is what we have for dinner.

but yesterday i thought ahead.
i left out spicy italian turkey sausage.
i was thinking i would make a delicious pasta dish.
we had pasta last night.

the sausage, bell peppers, and onions were perfect.
they really hit the spot and were what i was craving.

so, if you're ever in a pinch & need a quick, healthy meal,
here you go!

sausage & peppers

extra virgin olive oil to coat pan
5 italian turkey sausage links
*i used spicy, but i'm pretty sure they have a sweet or mild one, too.
white wine to deglaze
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 red onion, sliced
1/2 white onion, sliced
1 ea. red, yellow, orange bell pepper, sliced
1 Tbs garlic grill seasoning

1. in a large skillet over medium high, heat oil. add the sausage links, being careful because the oil will spatter a bit. let cook for 5-7 minutes & flip. continue cooking 5 minutes or until cooked all the way through.

2. remove sausage from pan and set aside. deglaze pan with a dash of white wine. add garlic and cook until fragrant, 30 seconds. add onions, peppers, and grill seasoning. toss to combine. let cook 5 -7 minutes, or until tender with a bite.

3. top with sausage and serve.

super quick! super easy! super delicious!

until tomorrow!

dowlings, out!
(oh, yeah. thursdays are my no-makeup days...
coincidentally, they are also my no-picture days.
weird how that works out!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wee bit of me wednesday & chicken alfredo

today, i'm linking up with leigh ashley for
wee bit of me wednesdays!

{one} name one thing you worry about running out of.
baking supplies. i'm always afraid i won't have something on hand so every time we go to the store, i buy flour or butter or sugar or... etc. it's a bit ridiculous.

{two} what is your favorite pizza topping?
i've been craving this pizza since last night:
extra cheese, diced tomatoes, black olives, bell peppers, spinach
nom nom nom.
i'm so hungry.

{three} what is your favorite harrison ford movie?
empire strikes back. :)

{four} apple juice or orange juice?
yum! both!

{five} what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?
relax and watch movies with the hubs!

{six} what is the wallpaper on your cellphone of?
the galaxy... i need a new one.

{seven} do you have a favorite tv commercial?
yes! the super cute tap dancing elephant!

{eight} what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
i don't think i've eaten anything that strange before...

{nine} what is one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
leggings! they go with soo many things (and are so comfy! like pjs! but never ever ever let anyone convince you that pajama jeans are an okay fashion option. never.)

{ten} if you were a character from “lost”, who would you be?
well, seeing as how i only got through the first season, the only character that i really fell in love with was hurley. weird? i know.


and now, what we had for dinner!

chicken alfredo
would be great with broccoli, peas or shrimp, too!

1/2 lb fettuccine noodles

1. in a medium sized pot, bring to boil enough water to cook pasta. (make sure you salt that water, folks!)

2. boil your pasta until al dente (while you're making the alfredo sauce).

2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 (fairly large) chicken breast
salt & pepper to taste
white wine to deglaze

3. in a medium - large skillet over medium - medium high heat, combine olive oil & garlic. cook just until fragrant (about 30 seconds). season both sides of the chicken breast with salt and pepper. add to pan. cook 2-3 minutes on one side. flip chicken over and add a bit of wine to create steam and pull up the brown bits stuck to the bottom.

4. cover skillet and let steam 8-10 minutes, flipping once more, or until chicken reaches internal temperature of 165 f. remove from pan and set aside.

2 Tbs butter
8 oz heavy cream
1 egg yolk, slightly beaten
1/2 - 3/4 c shredded parmesan cheese
(i didn't measure... i like things cheesy!)
pinch of cayenne
pinch of nutmeg

5. reduce heat to low - medium. in the same skillet, melt the butter in the leftover chicken / garlic / oil / wine mixture. once melted, add the cream and egg yolk. stir until combined. add the parmesan and cook until melted, 2-3 minutes. stir occasionally. add the cayenne and nutmeg. stir to combine.

6. add drained pasta to the skillet. toss to coat with sauce. add chicken and continue tossing until incorporated. garnish with fresh parsley.

served with my yummy asparagus.
recipe can be found here.

long, but delicious (and informative ;)) post.
happy wednesday!

dowlings, out!

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