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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

guest post: rainbow of desserts from schue love

hiya, everyone!
as you know,
i'm in florida with my mama on a much needed vacation!
so, in my place, i asked some of my absolute favorite bloggers to guest post!
today, i'm happy to have the incredibly wonderful & inspiring
natasha from schue love.
take it away, natasha!

Hi Friends! It's Natasha from Schue Love and I am so excited that Kristin asked me to be here today! She makes the very best food and desserts...I am constantly inspired by her innovative recipes.

Today I want to explore the rainbow of's amazing how many colors they all come in.

First up! The amazing red velvet cake:

This is a fun twist on the red velvet cake...whoopie pies! The fabulous Bakerella is responsible for these delectable treats...complete with cream cheese frosting.


This little cake by Call me Cupcake is pretty and pink...and ruffly! The perfect dessert for a little girl's birthday or a special occasion!


I love this literal take on carrot cake by Williams Sonoma! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is one of my favorite desserts. I'm not big on the raisins and nuts...just good old fashioned carrot cake please!


Can you imagine a more perfect spring dessert than these lemon bars? Today's Nest has a recipe that is just dreamy! I think I can smell the lemons waft through the screen.


Mint chip ice cream is my ALL time favorite refreshing and delicious! Delish featured amazing looking mint chip ice cream sandwiches...summer can't come fast enough.


Another thing that reminds me of summer? Blueberries! How amazing does this tart from Real Simple look? The recipe is quite simple...puff pastry always makes a dish look a little fancy! :)


Last, but not least, are these stunning angel food cupcakes with blackberry buttercream...YUM!!! Fake Ginger created these babies and I in so in love with the beautiful color! They look light, yet tart, and delicious.

Hope you all enjoyed feasting your eyes on these colorful little treats! Thanks to Kristin for having me today!

xo natasha

oh, man! that's a rainbow i want to dive into with a fork!
thank you so much, natasha, for sharing all of those gorgeous desserts!
& make sure you check out natasha's blog
for even more inspiration & beautiful things.

until next time,


  1. So fun - inspiring foodie images! That mint-chocolate chip ice cream sandwich is calling my name!

  2. What gorgeous creations! Each of them shine. I love the giant carrot..what a great idea

  3. ha i'm in the middle of putting together a rainbow post but for ice cream! ha ha! these are great desserts!

  4. Thanks so much for having me today Kristin! :)

  5. lovely sweet picks! that pink cake is just dreamy.

  6. Natasha, you sure know the way to a girls sweet tooth!!