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Monday, April 18, 2011

mangia monday 6: top 10 kitchen essentials

hello, readers!

first, i'm sorry that i'm getting this post up late!
i didn't get home until just a few minutes ago
& realized i didn't have anything set up!
second, can you believe that i did not cook an entire thing all weekend?
the hubs & i were busy enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having
& hangin' out with the family!
that brings me to my third point!
instead of having a recipe this week,
i'm going to talk about the top 10 things i think are essential in any kitchen,
why i think so, & where you can get 'em.

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we like to share recipes most of the time...
but this week, i'm spicin' it up a little bit.
i encourage you to link up even if you don't have a recipe to share.
how about your top kitchen essentials?
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how about the ingredients you can't live without?
link up & let us know!

so, here we go:
kristin's top 10 kitchen essentials
the most important thing is a good knife.
i absolutely adore my wusthof 8" cook's knife,
but it's becoming more & more common to replace the cook's (or chef's) knife
with a santoku.
it's important to look for forged, high carbon steel knives if you want a good quality.
the wusthof knives are easy for me to handle,
they aren't too heavy,
they're well-balanced,
& the grip is comfortable to me.
before investing in expensive knives,
go & handle them - making sure they are comfortable for you!
i don't know what i would do without my
this piece of equipment is so versatile -
you can get an attachment to do just about anything:
make ice cream, grind meat, roll out pasta -
they're incredible.
a thermometer is crucial in the kitchen.
i like the digital kitchen thermometer because it gives me a fast, accurate reading.
they are hard, have a longer lifespan than regular maple cutting boards,
& are more resistant to bacteria.
they are not dishwasher safe,
but i much prefer cutting on a wooden board than plastic.
it's easier on my knife, too. :)
a dutch or french oven is a great tool.
don't think that you have to get an expensive le creuset -
my brother in law is extremely happy with his martha stewart brand dutch oven.
you can do so much in these pots:
braise, fry, make soups / stews... soooo much!

comes in really handy when you like the fresh taste of lemon,
finely grated garlic, fresh nutmeg or cinnamon, etc.
the micro blades are super sharp & work really well.
the george foreman grill is SO convenient.
it allows us to grill indoors... how great is that?
with the removable plates, clean up is a breeze
& we can have great grilled foods all year long. :D

a super-cute apron always makes cooking fun...
& stylish!
anthropologie has the cutest aprons - they are very well-made & last a long time, too!
the stainless-steel skimmer is a neat tool.
you can use it to strain pasta / ravioli,
remove fried items from oil, scoop things out of hot water, etc.
it's a really great, multi-purpose tool!
stainless-steel tongs are a necessity.
they make flipping, lifting, turning & handling food so much easier.
getting a pair that has a lock is great for storage, too!

so, there you have it!

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until next time,
dowlings, out!


  1. Great list of essentials! I have quite a few of the same that I have to have in my kitchen; and a few that you listed that are still on my wish list. Thanks for hosting!!!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Kristin. That apron is super cute :)

  3. oh i totally agree with you on your picks! if i don't have my mix master, or my apron i may as well not even cook or bake! great choices!

  4. Love the apron, Kristin!
    Thanks for another week of hosting!

  5. Good Morning! I'm sharing my easy, addictive and affordable homemade granola this morning! It really is a favorite with my girls. Thank you for hosting Mangia Mondays!

    Denise @ Creative Kitchen

  6. Thanks a lot for hosting.I just linked mine.

  7. Loving all the kitchen picks and I would agree with just about all of them! Sharp knives and the mixer are musts in the kitchen!

  8. Thanks for the list! I have everything except the cute apron! I will need to make myself one!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy