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Friday, April 22, 2011

5 favorites friday

hello, sweet readers!

friday could net get here fast enough.
i'm officially in finals mode,
which means next week's postings will probably be as sporadic as this week's.
sorry about that, friends...
but i know you understand.

don't you worry!
i still had time to pick my 5 favorite recipes from this week's

can i just tell you how difficult it was to pick just 5?!
i have at least a dozen of your recipes
{from this past week, alone!}
bookmarked to try ASAP!
thank you so much for sharing every week.

on to my favorites...
feel free to grab the button
& let people know you were featured!

i hope all of you have a wonderful, relaxing easter weekend.

until next time,


  1. oh that humming bird cake looks so great! i could eat it right now for breaky! thanks for sharing!! happy Easter!!

  2. Good luck in finals Kristin!!!
    I am SURE you will do GREAT!
    What a great turnout for Mangia Mondays!
    Happy Easter and hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Yummm the pretzels look SO yummy! Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!

  4. Good Luck on Finals!

    CRAM, CRAM, CRAM! :)

  5. You're making me hungry again, Kristin. :-) Happy Easter!


  6. Kristin,
    I just found you through Sweet As Sugar Cookies. Love your blog! I look forward to more posts.
    Good luck on your finals!