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Thursday, March 31, 2011


that was the longest 12 hours of my blogging life.

the new layout is up & running.
i de-cluttered,
& hopefully still kept things appealing for you!

i have a couple of things left to do,
{like add a page for all of my favorite blogs -
if you have a button, let me know!}
but they will have to wait until later on today...
i'm pooped.

i did change my button,
so make sure you grab the new one
& show delightfully dowling some love!
{it's in the sidebar!}


  1. Kristin, I love the makeover! It's so clean, fresh and still fun, and your new profile picture is the sweetest! Gorgeous!!

  2. Love the new look! Looks great, girl! Your wedding photo is super cute :) I love your header pic with your food collage. You did this all yourself?! I am amazed! I have been wanting to update the look of my blog but dunno how!

  3. yes - did it all myself {kind of}. i looked at the page source codes for some of my favorite blog layouts & used that coding to develop my own layout.

    it took a long time, as i am not at all fluent in html!!! but i like it, & i think this look is here to stay for awhile!

    desi - if what you want to change up is {relatively} simple, i could probably help you out a bit!! :D

    lisa - thank you so much! you're always so supportive! :D:D:D

  4. This is just adorable! Love the layout! And I will never forget I got my first award from you! xo

  5. It looks great! I love seeing the creativity of what people can do with a blog.