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Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's feast

hello, lovely blog family.
sorry to have been m.i.a. the last few days!
but i have been a very very busy girl.

friday evening was family dinner
& the family get together for my birthday
& my niece, missy's, birthday.
bbq steak
grilled veggies
& bbq potatoes with onions.

saturday, andrew & i went grocery shopping
to prepare for the enormous feast i made this evening.
we also cleaned house.

sunday was my birthday...
we went to brunch at one of my favorite local spots:
if you ever visit albuquerque
you must go there.

i had a mocha:

and the grove pancakes:

yum x infinity.

yesterday was also filled with tons of prep work
for tonight's dinner.

i decided that i didn't want to go out on valentine's day.
it's a hassle.
& why go out when i can cook just as good of a meal at home?
{for 1/2 the price!!}

so, we invited andrew's brother & his partner
& andrew's parents over for a delicious


i wanted it to feel like a nice restaurant,
so i made a menu & framed it
& set up a nice little table scape.

i will be posting recipes & pictures all this week...
but for now, i'll leave you with the menu:
{& hopefully anticipation!}

{click image to enlarge}

well, until tomorrow!

dowlings, out!

you must make your own mayo.
(it's essentially the same thing as aioli.
i added some extra herbs to make it an excellent dip for the crudite.)
it's very simple
but the taste difference is remarkable.

1 egg yolk
1 c vegetable oil
juice of 1/2 a lemon

1. in a food processor, add egg yolk & lemon juice.
have your oil ready to pour.

2. turn processor on low speed and start slowly drizzling oil in a thin, steady stream.
*you may need to add more or less oil.

3. stop when the consistency is that of... mayo!

seriously... amazing stuff!
here is a closer picture of the aioli & crudite!


  1. You are so freakin cute! This is super fancy - your presentation AND your menu! I don't even know what some of those menu items are lol. I love the framed menu and table setup! I WISH we had dinner parties so I could entertain all pretty like this. I will definitely be attempting to make that homemade aioli, can't wait for the other recipes! Happy belated birthday!

  2. you have to make it! it's versatile enough that you can make it into a vegetable dip, salad dressing, sandwich spread and i'm sure a gazillion other things! worth the effort! :D