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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i'm horribly ashamed,
dear blog friends.

it seems as though february has left me quite uninspired to blog...
and i feel terrible.

even now,
i have nothing more to say than
i'm sorry...
& i will try harder.
but, i'm in a bit of a funk.
both personally & blogally (new word?).

while i try & figure this out,
i want to leave you with a new favorite band:

the maccabees.
{where have you been all my life?}

until next time,
dowlings out.


  1. Bloggally, you're forgiven for feeling uninspired! Just keep posting that chocolate espresso mousse and we'll never know the difference!

  2. i think it is the weather because that same feeling has been going around the blog world. looking forward to you coming back and sharing your baking!

  3. The bloggy world has missed you! Hope all is well!