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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tuesday, tuesday, tuesday...

as usual, i just got home from school.
i have a culinary lab from 4pm-9pm...
which means i don't get my usual evening blog inspiration.

however, tonight was the first night we actually did something in the kitchen.
i got to dice an onion.
yes, yes... i know that this is probably the most exciting thing you have ever heard, but i'm going to have to ask that you restrain yourselves for just a few more moments.
i also tourne-d (is that a word?) a few potatoes...

**those are not my potatoes, but i wanted you to have a visual!**

which is apparently pretty advanced
& i wasn't supposed to go there yet.
(but i was with the onions!)

anywho, i know that you're dying to tourne some potatoes now, but let me give you a list of pros and cons:

you waste like, 50-75% of your potato
it takes FOREVER
what the heck do you use them for?

it looks pretty?
(i have a question mark there because, well, is it really pretty? i don't need a 7-sided, football shaped, 2" long potato to make me happy! though, since it is football shaped and since the superbowl is coming up, i suppose they would make absolutely lovely hors d'oeuvres. "touchdown! tourne potato, anyone!?")

i digress...
what i really want to post about this evening are my (early) birthday gifts from my mama!

that's right, folks!
a le cruset 7.25 qt. round french oven
& a le cruset demi 1.25 qt. teakettle

isn't she beautiful?!?
you can buy one just like it here.
can you believe that i did not have a teakettle until now?
& i needed one because of this tea:
it doesn't even taste like tea.
i add milk and sugar to mine.
it's perfection!
and now that i have a teakettle, i can make it all the time!

this french oven...
words cannot even describe!
i didn't have one
& i needed one to make some of my favorite dishes:
osso buco
boeuf bourguignon
and a delicious slow braised lamb i made for my mother in laws birthday last year.
*to die for*
you can get this gorgeous french oven of my dreams (and now reality!) here.

i am blessed to have a loving and supportive family.
between these birthday gifts from my mama & the gorgeous new set of pans i got from my mother in law, my kitchen is stocked!
i'm glad that everyone in my family is as excited about this career choice as i am.

anywho, i'm off to scarf some dinner!

yup, already in my jammies!
& i couldn't even wait to be done with blogging before chowin' down!

dowlings, out!


  1. What's up kitchen genius! I don't suppose you've heard of a relatively simple Chai tea muffin recipe?? Thought that sounded right up your alley :-). Facebook me back!!
    Rachael M.

  2. Your tea kettle is the color! Cute blog!

    Liesl :)