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Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday, sunday, sunday!

i love my hubs.
he didn't care that i stayed in my jammies all day.
he didn't care that i made him watch not one but two chick flicks today.
he didn't care that he had to sit through two hours of my guilty pleasure addiction, jerseylicious.
he's pretty wonderful.

i got so excited to revamp my blog last night.
i did not think it would take me a gazillion hours!
but, i think it was worth it!

a wonderfully talented & very creative lady made me this *perfect* logo
isn't is just... delightful?
please, check out her amazing photography here.

i really like making these layouts.
make sure you guys "like" the new delightfully dowling page on facebook, where i'll be posting all of my blog updates.
also, if you feel so inclined,
grab the button on the right and let everyone know how much you love delightfully dowling on your own blog!

i just got done writing a paper for my management class.
is it bad that the week hasn't even started yet and i'm already ready for it to be over?

good news for next weekend?
my mama is coming to town!
and she's bringing me a much needed larger dining table.
and a hutch.
and a bunch of stuff from when i was little.
good thing i cleaned out that closet!

until tomorrow, friends!

change of scenery - the peninsula!
...more commonly known as the bed.
eek! for no makeup & the same shirt as yesterday!

dowlings, represent!

1 comment:

  1. Ha, I made my man watch Jerseylicious with me too... and now he loves it and knows all the characters and always talks about how Olivia does the best smokey eyes... it's hilarious!