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Thursday, January 13, 2011

lids, and pots, and pans... oh my!

what's better than an unexpected knock at the door?
an unexpected knock at the door which results in the receiving of brand new pots and pans!!!
(have i said before that i love my inlaws? if not, i do. a lot.)

now, many of you will not respond to pots and pans in the way i do.
but i am ecstatic.
super amazingly excited!
i can't wait to cook...
but staring at them is nice, too.
(which, of course, i haven't been doing for the past 6 or so hours...)

they're so beautiful.
if you're curious,
this is the set:

(much better than my paula deen target set that we had to purchase in a pinch... long story short: when we were moving into our house in 2009, our apartment got broken into. luckily, we had everything moved out except for kitchen things. all of my hand-me-down (awesome) pots and pans were stolen along with a great espresso machine, waffle makers (i had quite the collection, thanks to my mama!!), knife block, dishes, glasses, silverware, a sandwich press, spice rack, brita water filter, and frozen chicken (wtf?) were stolen. *sigh* we live, we learn, we move on.)

annnyway, back to the point:

tomorrow i'm going to my mother-in-laws house to do some scrapbooking.
i haven't scrapbooked in (what feels like) forever.
i'm excited.
hopefully, i'll have a couple of cute projects to show you tomorrow evening.

dowling family, out!


  1. If you can get it, grab a Dutch Oven like I got for Christmas. I had my first roast in it, and it was A*MAZE*ING*LY*AWE*SOME! So tender it fell apart as I was cutting it! And it would be a great addition to your new pans!

  2. well, in dream world, this would be my go-to dutch oven:|ckwlcesgt


  3. Those look awesome! If I could cook, I would be jealous. but I cant cook so I'll just drool looking at all your food :P

  4. Congrats on the new kitchen goodies. I was hoping to get a set when we got married, but sadly I didn't.