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Sunday, January 2, 2011

whoopie! (pies, that is!)

let me begin this post by telling you how incredibly lucky i am to have married my hubs.
not only is he a catch, but his family is pretty amazing, too.

today, i hung out with my amazing niece, missy.
we went to borders (because she's an avid reader and we have to get her new books almost every week! luckily, borders sends us GREAT coupons through the rewards program! today we bought 2 books and got one free... awesome!)
after borders, we walked over to williams sonoma and bought an amazing whoopie pie pan, with visions of chocolaty-peanut buttery goodness in our futures.
lunch at mcalisters was delish.
swung by the house to pick up the hubs and went to rent "meet the parents" and "meet the fockers" for some evening entertainment.
and we FINALLY made it home to start cooking/baking!

one of the things i love most about missy is that she is so incredibly easy to please.
i asked her what she would like for dinner. her response: meatloaf!
does it get any simpler?

she loves helping out in the kitchen, and i'll take all the help i can get!

*Missy, mixing the meatloaf*

*Our beautiful meatloaf, pre-oven*

now, we would have taken pictures of the meatloaf post-oven, but we were so hungry that we sliced into that bad boy before we could even think to get the camera...

on to the whoopie pies! we had so much fun baking (and eating!) these little gems.

*Missy & Me + Whoopie Pie pan = Yummy in our tummies!*

*Missy filling the pan*

*Our finished products!*

today was a good day. :)
now for "it's always sunny in philadelphia!"

me, hubs, muffin. dowling family love.


  1. Missy is such a gem! I think we need to try some of those whoopie pies!

  2. @PidderBear - They were quite scrumptious! I think you guys need to come up here sometime soon!!