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Friday, January 21, 2011

friday etsy finds

well, friends... i'm blogging early today!
i'm doing another edition of friday etsy finds.
do you like these?
should i keep them coming?
what else would you like to see from my little blog?

now, to the good stuff!
this weeks theme?

1/2 gallon blue mason jars
how great would these be on your dining table with lots of white flowers?
*sigh* gorgeous.

button up cowl
i just want to put this on right this minute!
so soft, warm, and versatile.

china cabinet
in a dream world, all of my furniture would look like this.
*sigh* she's beautiful.
found here

rose stud earrings
aren't these studs darling?
found @ hushbug

'50s eyelet dress
i see this dress with tights and cowboy boots.
so cute.

aqua nest
this bowl is ah-mazing.
found here

turquoise gemstone necklace
growing up in the southwest, i've seen my fair share of turquoise jewelry.
i love this piece.
found @ jw style

this teapot is darling.
found @ timbers toys

organza flower bobby pins
i love hair accessories.
these are no exception.
found @ miss glory

fleur filigree ring
can i just tell you that i fell head over heels in love with this ring the second i saw it?
well, i did. and i will be drooling over it until the minute someone scoops it up!
found @ love, mia

cuisine sign
i've had my eye on this gem for the past few months...
and no one has bought it!
i think it's a sign that it should belong to me. :)

i'd be happy receiving any of those things.
can i just tell you how much i love etsy?
i get lost in the pages for hours.

do you have a shop you think i might like?
let me know!

have a super friday!
dowlings, out!


  1. kristin, you're amazing! you have such good taste!

  2. the world would suck without etsy :P these things are awesome, you have such a great eye. fo rizzle.