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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Etsy Finds

so, i'm definitely stealing borrowing this idea from
michelle @ vintage junky.

i love that she shares her favorite things each week,
and now, you'll see mine!

todays theme:

cupcake pan & measuring spoon necklace

i love you more than cupcakes!
found @ ecce

the most adorable cupcake necklace, ever!
( pst... i have a birthday coming up! ;) )

misso cupcake tree

the most adorable
edible monsters
found @ sugar robot

aren't the colors on these wrappers gorgeous?
poppy dots cupcake lines

the hubs is a scientist.
i think he would enjoy these. :)
mad science cupcakes

i love cupcakes.
can you tell?

i went over to my inlaws today to scrapbook.
i didn't get very much done.
i just cut the papers.
but, the hubs got off of work early.
and we went outside
(because it was such a beautiful day!)
to try and teach him how to ride a bike.
we did not succeed.
but we'll keep trying!

our niece, missy, is spending the night with us.
love her.
went to pei wei for dinner and got this fortune:

don't pursue happiness - create it.

i'm off to create some happiness!

everyone's watching "it's always sunny in philadelphia"
we love it.

dowlings, out!

oh! i almost forgot!
i linked up with beneath my heart for the closet makeover party!
if you have a closet you'd like to share,
make sure you link up!


  1. Those are all so cute. I especially love that necklace!!

  2. I could spend all day browsing through Etsy! Thank you for the cupcake link. Those are really cute! I bet my hubby would like a batch of them.

    I'm a fellow Albuquerque blogger. It's nice to meet you :)

  3. OMG I love that necklace! I checked out all those Etsy shops I might have to buy some stuff! It could be dangerous!