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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i just got out of a 5 hour class.
it'll be an awesome class once all of the lecturing is over
and i will be in a kitchen cooking...
but for the next few tuesdays,
i'm up to my ears in lectures.
it didn't help that i forgot my dinner on the washing machine.
it didn't help that i didn't think to get coffee beforehand.
what did help?
thinking about the awesomeness that will happen in a few weeks.

since i was in school all afternoon, i don't really have much to say...
but, staying true to my word, i am blogging every day.

tomorrow, i promise, i will have a delicious recipe or two.
and you will love me again...
but tonight, i must sleep.

jammies & muffin kisses

dowlings :)


  1. I feel for you. I never had a 5 hour class, but I had a few 3 hour ones that felt like they lasted all night.

  2. right? it just drags right now! but, my glass is half full and it will get better!! :D