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Monday, January 3, 2011

ah, monday

my alarm went off at 6:30.
i did not get up at 6:30.
my bed was so nice and warm... and everything else was not.
but, alas, i did have quite a few errands to run today, and knew i had to be at the school bookstore early before it got crazy.
at 7:15, i finally rolled out of bed, got ready, and headed to my in-laws house.
my mother in-law, jane, was helping me out today.
we wanted to be at the bookstore at 8:00, when it opened.
we didn't get there until 9:00. :(

to say that it was busy would be an understatement.
after gathering my mountain of books, uniforms, and one lonely, little thermometer, we waited in line for nearly 3 hours.

was it worth it?
i'm so excited for this semester, i can hardly wait!

after we left the bookstore, we set off to the student health center...err...
where i thought the student health center was.
turns out, the student health center is in the same building as the bookstore.

i needed to get a tuberculosis test done before i can enter the culinary labs.
i go back wednesday to get the reading. :)

annnnyyyway - after the tb test, we headed to the skechers store.
i needed some new non-slip shoes.
they were having a sale!
buy one pair, get one pair 1/2 off.

we met up with my father in-law, jim, for some grub at relish, a really yummy sandwich shop.
if you're in the albuquerque area, i definitely recommend it.
also - support your local businesses, guys!
most of us only have a handful of restaurants we go to on a regular basis...
90% of which are usually chains.
this is why mom & pop shops go out of business!
give back to your community and find some good eats!

stopped at target on the way home for some miscellaneous items and found a really cute, itty bitty planner.
love it.

hit the couch and took a nap as soon as i got home...
but this is what the hubs came home to:

yes, i am a nerd.
i couldn't wait to dress up.
by the way, i'm in love with the hat. :)

so, ya'll... what are some of YOUR favorite places to eat?
what should i try?

lots of love & chefs hats - the dowlings


  1. So how awesome is cooking school! I really want to go!!!!

  2. You should check out a cafe called cheese and coffee. best food... ever. maybe not ever, but def really great.